Dearest Aspiring Vegan!

Let Us Help You Go Vegan In Just 21-Days

(without worrying about what to eat, if you’re getting enough protein, or if
you’re getting enough nutrition)

Over the next 21 days I’m going to show you how to go vegan and stay vegan

Maybe you’ve struggled in the past with what you can eat, what to eat when going out with friends, or how to stay full (without gorging on junk-food and unhealthy snacks)…

Well, we’ve been there too. And we’ve tried just about every method you can imagine for not only maintaining a Vegan Diet, but also being healthy, full of energy, and feeling more alive than ever before. See, we know it’s not enough to each a strict Vegan diet.

Health, energy, and happiness need to be included… And that’s what we’re going to show you HOW to do over the next 21-days…


We don’t expect you to go FULL vegan on day one. (If you do, awesome.)

We all know that being vegan is ideal. But, we know that everyone is at different stages of getting there.

See, here we believe the best way for most to go and stay vegan is a gradual persistent process. 

Most people have been eating animals their whole life. And when going vegan there are going challenges.

But, that is why you’ll have us. To feel safe when you don’t hit your goals. And to push you when you need it.

We want to to challenge yourself. If at the end of the challenge you had 2 FULL Vegan Days, we will celebrate YOU! As long as you gave it your all. =)

We want to have all the facts, the recipes, and the room to ask questions with no judgement.

Just A Few Topics We Will Cover:

Where To Get Protein

What Can Vegans Eat

How To Stay Full

What Recipes Taste Good

What To Eat When Eating Out At Restaurants

What is Healthy VS Not Healthy

Define Terms like CageFree, Cruelty Free, Organic, Gluten free

What Vitamins To Take

What To Do When You Get Cravings

What You Get In The Challenge You Won’t Get Anywhere Else

A Proven System To Get You FULLY Vegan & To STAY Vegan

Abundance of Info on Vegan Nutrition (So You Can Also be at the Peak of Your Health)

Recipes & Vegan Resources

Have Others Support & Love That You Are Going Vegan

Once you buy, you will be able to join the private Facebook Group via email.

Once in you can get familiar with the information and get prepped for the challenge.

We will start the challenge on April 10th, 2018.

Durning the challenge we will go LIVE in the group everyday with a Training and an Action Step.

This is your opportunity to ask any question and share your WINS!

About Your Vegan Guide: 

Kayla Wall, Licensed Veterinary Technician and Animal Advocate 

I am a committed vegan who is able to make DELICIOUS vegan meals. Cravings for any animal products do NOT sway me. (Yes, even cheese) I’m able to talk about animal rights, and my reasonings and get people to see the truth with love and compassion. But, that wasn’t always the case….

As a child, I remember asking my mother what beef was and being completely horrified when she told me that beef was cow. From that moment on, I knew I never wanted to eat beef again.

My family had a different path for me. It wasn’t until I was in High School and I stummbled across PETA videos that I decided to take on the war between my family and me. I brought the evidence and made the stance to go vegetarian. My family still ate their food, but I had my own.

For years I was vegetarian, but NOT healthy. I ate the most processed foods and anything that tasted good.

When I moved out on my own, I was broke and ate what I could.. Peer pressure and being hungry, I ate swayed back to eating animals.

I struggled and was on and off vegetarian, ate meat, went back vegetarian, went pescetarian. Deep down, I knew that I really didn’t want to eat animals.

A few years ago, I moved in with my now Fiancé, Nick. We ate what we thought was healthy. Grass feed dairy and meats, organic, wild caught, ect.

Being vegan never crossed my mind. It seemed too extreme. It wasn’t until we went out for lunch with our good friend Matt. And Matt told us he went vegan.

Wow, it was a shock. We respected Matt. Healthy dude and is very smart. So, we questioned him. Why did you do it? Is it hard? All these things….

He told us to watch a documentary on Netflix called What The Heath.

So, Nick and I eagerly watched the documentary. WOW. SO many reasons to go vegan. Health, Environment, Animals. We had never heard of this stuff before. But, it was too much to ignore.

Immediately after, Nick and I went vegan. We tossed out EVERYTHING from our pantry and fridge that wasn’t vegan.

And, we were hardcore vegans…

For about 10 days.

Dang, this was WAY TOO hard.

So we bounced back. At first we ate the non-vegan food and was satisfied. But, deep down, we knew we had to figure it out. It took us MONTHS before we could go vegan.

All the lessons we learned durning that time, I want to share with you. Give you a short cut to success. I know you can go vegan. We will equip you with the tools, support, and love to go vegan and stay vegan.

We are here for you and are excited for the animals you are going to save!


My whole life I have SUCKED at cooking. I once thought a bunch of cilantro, ment the WHOLE thing… It was bad. If I can make delicious vegan meals, you can too!

The 3 Main Reasons Why To Go Vegan

Personal Health

Eating a Whole Foods Plant-Based Diet has been scientifically shown to help:

  • Lower Cholesterol
  • Better For Heart & Bone Health
  • Lower Risk of Cancer

Eating a HEALTHY vegan diet, you will have more energy and will feel great! 

Animal Welfare

In animal production, animals are seen as profit and not the beautiful beings that they are.

When you eat meat or any animal product, you are paying for what is done to the animals.

Your dollars for meat = more animals that are mistreated, neglected, and slaughtered.


In order to raise animals for slaughter, it takes up MUCH more land and water, then growing crops.

The pollution from the factory farms are destroying to our rivers, air quality, and soil.

The amount of food it takes to feed animals for slaughter is staggering

CO2 Emission Impact: Statistics show that buying 1lb of beef is worse than burning 1 gallon of gas.

Endangered Species: More and more Rainforests are torn down to make more cattle farms. This is causing many indigenous species to become endangered.



Is There A Money Back Guarantee?

YES, 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you took action but don’t see results, you have 21 days after the challenge starts to refund.


How Do Access The Group?

You will be emailed the secret link to join the facebook group after you purchase.


Can I Invite My Friends?

YES! Share this with your friends and family to go vegan with you!


When Does The Challenge Start?


February 5th, 2019

Who Is The For:

  • Action Taker
  • Thinks Positive
    and Sees The Possibilities
  • Encourages Others
  • Cares about Others (Animals & People)
  • Is Compassionate
  • Wants To Be Their Best
  • Willing To Help Others
  • Knows They Matter and Can Make A Difference

Who Is This NOT For:

  • Procrastinates
  • Thinks Negative
  • Puts other down
  • Doesn’t Care about Others (Animals & People)
  • Is Cruel
  • Is Lazy
  • NOT Willing To Help Others
  • The Person Who Doesn’t Think They Matter